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Welcome to G1G's travel blog! Our globe-trotting team of travel writers and experts are excited to share their industry knowledge and unique experiences through travel tips; travel/visitors insurance education; and field notes from our journey.

What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus & Travel Insurance

Travelers who are concerned about the Coronavirus or similar outbreaks should look into a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policy. These plans protect against the unexpected, such as an outbreak of a new illness, allowing a traveler to recoup up to 75% of their trip cost.

New Health Insurance Guidelines for Visitors to the USA Explained

The Trump administration changed the healthcare landscape for immigrants to the USA in a proclamation issued on October 4th. If you are applying for an immigrant visa to the USA on or after November 3, 2019, you must demonstrate that you are or will be covered by an approved health insurance plan within 30 days of entry into the United States. With healthcare costs in the USA being the highest in the world, Visitor Health Insurance from G1G is a fast and easy way to meet these new guidelines while protecting your trip, your health, and your wallet!

A Little Less US Visitor Visa Drama

If you’ve ever had to help a friend, a loved one or your parents get a first-timer tourist visa to the United States, then you know how unfun it is. But if you’re reading this, chances are that you haven’t had to, and you’re now overwhelmed by everything that’s about to come your way. The good news - according to a recent AdviseHub article by immigration lawyer Sophie Alcorn – is that there are ways to simplify a process that is never as easy as it can or should be.

The Inside Story Behind the Founding Family of Visitor Insurance

The story behind G1G is one that defines our company culture and ethos. It is who we are, and more importantly, what guides us as we move forward.

Top 5 Insider Tips To Lower Visitor Insurance Costs

Buying travel insurance can feel overwhelming, so we asked our CEO how to make the process easier and more affordable for potential travelers. Apart from G1G's 4 question form that streamlines the purchase process, what are some ways to help a buyer determine what policy is best for them? More importantly, how may they utilize that policy to its full extent? His answers were not what we expected and that's a good thing.

A Guide to Preparing for Your Visiting Parents from Asia

Now that you’ve properly hidden your ‘western’ significant-other and cleaned the apartment (being sure to remove all concert stubs and anything else that might resemble fun), what else is there to do? A lot…but worry not my friend because here at G1G, we will guide you to a painfree visit from your parents, no matter the duration of their stay.

Don't Get Stuck Without Emergency Medical Evacuation

It's a big world out there and we want you to enjoy every bit of it! To do so, it's important to know the risk involved with traveling to remote locations. Moreover, it's imperative to know how to address issues that might arise from visiting these desolate regions. With a trained team supporting you in your travels, you may rest assured that even the worst of situations are manageable.

Why Buy American When Buying Travel Insurance?

Your first inclination when purchasing medical travel insurance for yourself may be to buy from a provider in your country. A couple of thoughts on why we advise against this, and encourage purchasing from a US company like G1G.

Why are FixedBenefit Plans Cheaper? Why are Comprehensive Plans better?

Why is there a difference in price for each policy?

What is a Policy Maximum?

What is a policy deductible?

What is the difference between Fixed Benefit and Comprehensive Plans? which one should i select?

Which Doctor or Hospital Can I Visit?

What is co-pay? How is it different from my deducible?

Do G1G policies offer a cooling-off period?

Travel and Heart Disease

Some advice for you or your loved ones who might be traveling with heart disease, high-blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Rock Stacks Demystified

Traditionally, stacks of rocks have acted both as memorial and as landmark. Known as “cairns”, piles of balanced rocks are used to mark hiking routes or to act as rough monuments. When hiking, you’ll see them in areas where trails may not be otherwise visible.

Getting Through Long Flights

What do I wear on the airplane for my super long flight? What do I bring on bard to keep from going crazy? Always good questions! Here's some sound advice to help you through your marathon journey.

Gift Buying Tips for the Traveler

5 easy-to-follow tips to make gift-buying on your next trip a breeze.

Top Ten To-Do's Before You Depart

Your trip beings long before your leave for the airport, or even book your flight. Here are a few (10 to be specific) things to do before you begin planning your getaway and a few additional tips to help you once you’ve reached your destination.

How to Play Host to Visiting Relatives (Without Taking Too Much Time Away From Work)

We at G1G play host to our parents and other loved ones throughout the year. Although having visitors can be challenging at times, we’ve discovered that it just takes a little planning to create a fun, enjoyable experience for your family during their stay. It’s a plus that in the gorgeous state of California, adventure awaits around practically every corner!

Read This and Take Better Photos on Your Phone (When You Can't Lug Around Your DSLR)

Ah, the wonders of the smartphone. We’ve lost count of the millions of innovations that make the smartphone an integral part of modern-day culture, especially in America. And nowhere is this cultural phenomenon more apparent (and perhaps notoriously so) than with the smartphone photo. Our resident camera expert, Nikolay, has some pointers for taking great photos with your phone.

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