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G1G’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is possible because we stand behind our products and services well after you purchase, just as we have been for over 30 years. G1G guarantees that all travel insurance products purchased through us are backed by our consumer advocacy team which includes emergency, claims and legal support if needed. Our loyalty is to travelers first and not insurance providers, that means, unlike other insurance companies we do not abandon you after purchase, nor does our loyalty lay with any one insurance company, so we can remain true to our customers safety and satisfaction as the highest priority.

Our mission to help travelers remain safe when away from home means going above what any traditional travel insurance company is willing to do. Our commitment to reach beyond the ordinary to serve our customers is because we are a company of travelers guided by the principles we were founded on.

Our Process Empowers You, Increases Travel Safety,
and Guarantees Travelers Satisfaction.

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Every provider and plan you see with G1G has passed our 24 multi-point quality assurance benchmark test which ensures the best quality protection. This is the highest such standard in all of travel insurance.

If a plan does not pass our test then we do not carry the plan - it’s that simple! Some of the ways we assess our products and underwriters are:

  • Quality of Plan Benefits
  • Daily Cost of Plan
  • In-Network Providers
  • Customer Reviews
  • Claims / Payout Ratio
  • AM Best / BBB Ratings
  • Reinsurers Standing + 17 more!


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G1G helps customers by showing you the top rated plans in the world that a traveler is eligible for based on their needs and we do not place priority on any one provider or plan because of commissions or provider preference. That would sacrifice your safety and value, and does not align with our company values. Therefore, we help you shop from all of the best policies based on your specific trip and personal needs.

Other travel insurance companies favor and recommend certain products because they make more commission on them or have a quota to meet. This BIASED process means you are not getting what is best for yourself in terms of benefits and cost. This misleading by other companies can cost you thousands of dollars in an emergency. The best plan and provider varies based on each individual trip and person, so it is important to make sure that you are viewing all products available to you, unbiasedly.

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Our system ensures that you are always getting the best products and dealing with the best underwriters at all times, so the only thing left for you to do is enjoy the journey!


Many providers promise this but it is sort of BS, and we like to treat our customers like adults, with transparency and honesty. All travel insurance plans are low price guaranteed because it is regulated by government, so no insurance provider can offer a plan for more or for less. That being said, we are “LOW PRICE GUARANTEED” but most importantly buying a plan through G1G GUARANTEES something better, your comfort, safety, and value!

This is why it is important
to purchase from a
company like G1G, that
provides you the most
value for your dollar.

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Every G1G purchase is backed by our official Claims Advocacy Team. We are here to help you get through the claims process quickly and painlessly. Our experienced team helps you determine your claim eligibility and guides you through the process of filing and collecting on a claim. They will also check on your claims status and if any claim is unjustifiably denied, they help you with your claims appeal to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.


Our Customer Care Experts guarantee your satisfaction throughout the entire travel insurance process, from finding the right plan to filing a claim. G1G has a rigorous training process for each of our Customer Care Representative’s to make sure they can assist you through any travel situation on your journey. Our reps are available both online via chat and via telephone 24/7 365 days a year, since we know that emergencies may happen at anytime and in any time zone. Our Customer Care Expert’s are also trained to help you find the optimal policy and explain our policies to you in great detail so you know exactly what you are getting with your plan, so you may travel with peace of mind.

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What struck me most was that this company stands behinds its products even after the insurance policy is sold. They will help you navigate the complicated world of insurance claims, if needed. I came away convinced that G1G, unlike other vendors who are just middle-men that sell you a product and then disappear, will be right there with me and supporting me if I need help with insurance claims. This company is most definitely part of the new consciousness dawning in the business world which truly puts human values first.”

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- Gunjan V. Reviewed on 4/14/19