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The G1G Guarantee

By [email protected] July 7th, 2015

"Making travel simple and worry free"

Our Guarantee

Quality Assurance

G1G has provided our loyal customers with the highest quality products and service since 1985. Every plan you see on G1G.com is put through our 72-point quality assurance benchmark test. If a plan does not pass that test then we do not carry the plan - it’s that simple! Some of the ways we assess our plans is based on the:  

  • Quality of plan benefits
  • Customizability of plan benefits
  • Daily cost of plan
  • Quantity of providers in network
  • Quality of provider network

We only carry top rated plans from top rated underwriters. We judge our underwriters in a similar fashion, assessing them on markers such as:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Claims to payout ratio
  • AM Best rating
  • BBB rating
  • Reinsurers standing
  • Customer service availability
  • Emergency assistance

Our system ensures that you are always getting the best products and dealing with the best underwriters at all times, so the only thing left for you to do is enjoy your trip! G1G also provides every one of our customers with 24/7/365 service worldwide over phone or chat. We understand that an emergency can happen anytime, anywhere, so you’ll never catch us sleeping on the job.


Claims Advocacy Team

You are backed by our official Claims Advocacy Team every time you purchase from G1G. We are here to help you get through the claims process quickly and painlessly. Our experienced team helps you determine your claim eligibility and guides you through the process of filing and collecting on a claim. They will also check on your claims status and if any claim is unjustifiably denied, they will help you with your claims appeal to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. "Prices are standardized across our industry, but we add value to the service of travel insurance. Being a part of the G1G family means you'll have the industry leader in customer care by your side” - Zubair Jeewanjee


Industry Innovation

In 1997 G1G became the first insurance aggregator to go online and we’ve continued to innovate within our industry ever since. The new G1G Intuitive Travel Insurance Risk Assessment System (ITIRAS) recommends the right plan for your trip based on our 30+ years of technical and professional experience, using the latest in machine-learning, predictive analytics, and information about a given trip. We assess the risk of your trip based on your age, the cost of healthcare at the destination, chances of travel delays or flight cancellations depending on upcoming weather, crime rates of the destination, and the need for benefits like medical evacuation depending on the quality of medical care. With the help of those metrics our system matches you with plans that have the most comprehensive benefits at the best prices. This is one of the many ways that G1G continues to break barriers in the travel insurance industry.

G1G Intuitive Travel Insurance Risk Assessment System

  • There is no bias on plans. We do not have any special agreements with underwriters to rank certain plans over others
  • We make our recommendations assessing the specifics of your trip
  • We database all travel advisories from around the world to stay up to date on the latest in travel requirements and warnings
  • Even though we recommend the best plan for your trip, we will still show you all of the plans you are eligible for so you always know what all of your options are


Zero Complaint Guarantee

G1G’s Zero Complaint Guarantee has been built into our company culture since our beginnings in 1985. This is our commitment to going above and beyond to serve our customers. Our Customer Care Experts guarantee your satisfaction by helping you through the entire travel insurance process, from choosing a plan to filing and collecting on a claim. G1G has a rigorous training process for each of our Customer Care Representative’s to make sure they are prepared for any question or concern that you have.

How to Purchase from G1G

Shop Online: Tell us about your trip through our intuitive and easy to use quote steps. We’ll ask for a few details such as age of travelers to be insured, travel dates and destination, and trip cost. Using these metrics our system will match you with plans that have the most comprehensive benefits at the best prices. All of the plans on G1G are top-rated from the best underwriters all across the globe. Also, our system only shows you plans you are eligible for. Feel free to ask our Customer Care Representatives any questions you have about the quote or policies, we are more than happy to assist you at any step along the way!

Call or Chat: Call or chat with one of our Customer Care Representatives at anytime - we are open 24/7/365. Tell them about your trip and travel needs and they will recommend the best plan for you. Our reps will explain your quote and link you to a page where you can review all of the details for yourself, or you can checkout with the plan entirely over the phone!

Purchase: Once you have selected your plan, you purchase directly from us and you will instantly receive your digital ID card, proof of insurance, access to a recommended provider network, and emergency medical support contact information, along with access to our Claims Advocacy Team.

Travel Worry Free: If you need to use your plan during your trip, contact us immediately over phone, live-chat, or email. We are here to help you. If you need to file a claim, our Claims Advocacy Team will guide you through the entire process.

Money Back Guarantee: Since we know travel plans can change at any moment, all of our customers have the option to cancel or extend their plan as needed. With G1G’s Money Back Guarantee, if a plan is cancelled before its expiration, we’ll pro-rate your refund for any days you have left.

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