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Co-Pay (Co-Insurance)

The splitting, or joint assumption of monetary risk between you and your provider. Unlike a deductible that relates to a predetermined fixed amount the insured pays to receive a particular service or course of treatment, co-insurance relates to the percentage split of costs between the insured and their provider (ranging from 90%-10%; 80%-20%; and up to 50%-50%). Stop loss limits can exist within coinsurance schemes, and these limits refer to a maximum the insured can pay before their insurer covers further eligible expenses. The most common form of co-pay benefits in Travel Insurance is an 80%-20% split of the first $5000 in medical expenses, meaning you incur 20% of medical expenses with a total limit of $1000, or 20% of the first $5000 in medical expenses. Many products offer discounted co-pays for those who go within that products provider directory (PPO). Common discounts are 90%-10% splits, or in some cases, a complete waive of the co-pay as a whole.


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