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Pre-Existing Period

A pre-existing condition is simply any medical condition or health issue that exists prior to the beginning of your policy coverage period. All plans have varied periods of time in which they deem an illness to not be considered pre-existing, this is known as a pre-existing period. You must be medication and symptom free for that time period in order for the illness to not be considered pre-existing. All travel policies are for primarily emergency medical emergencies only and not be used to seek treatment for pre-existing or continuing illness. If you are concerned for the coverage of traumatic emergencies resulting from a pre-existing illness, such as heart attack or stroke, than select the acute onset of a pre-existing condition” filter/benefit in the search results page. An acute onset condition is disability or medical condition acquired suddenly or over a short period of time, including psychological/psychiatric conditions following a traumatic event, OR a situation in which a pre-exisintg disability or condition comes sharply to a crisis.


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