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Premium vs. Economy

Premium Coverage Plans offer more expansive and flexible coverage than Economy Benefit Plans. With a slightly higher costs up front, Premium Plans offer a broader spectrum of coverage and include trip protection benefits such as baggage loss and trip interruption coverage. Economy policies offer great coverage but at a lower premium for those traveling on a budget. Both premium and economy have their strong suits so it’s really up to what works best for you. With economy benefit plans you can see any doctor or seek care in any hospital. The amount the policy pays for treatment is pre-determined according to a benefit summary. Additionally, their trip protection benefits are limited. The predetermined benefit is the end of the insurance company’s responsibility, leaving you to pay the remaining balance. And lastly, the deductible is applied per illness or injury, making you responsible for meeting that deductible for every claim. This means that if you visit the doctor for cold or flu-like symptoms a deductible is required. However, if you visit the doctor again for another unrelated claim then your deductible is due again. Premium coverage plans have slightly higher costs up front than economy benefit plans, but offer a broader spectrum of coverage and result in major savings in the case of a significant medical emergency. Also, the deductible is applied only once during the life of the policy. This means that a deductible will be required for your first claim; however, for any subsequent claim your deductible will not need to be paid again. Before choosing between economy benefit plans or premium coverage plans, is important to assess your budget and your comfort with taking on risk. Those two factors will dictate which plan is best for you.


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