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Premium Coverage Plans offer more expansive and flexible coverage than Economy Benefit Plans. With a slightly higher costs up front, Premium Plans offer a broader spectrum of coverage and include trip protection benefits such as baggage loss and trip interruption coverage. Economy policies offer great coverage but at a lower premium for those traveling on a budget. Both premium and economy have their strong suits so it's really up to what works best for you. Here is a more in-depth breakdown of the two.

Type of Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage Plans
Fixed Benefit Plans
Provides an extensive and flexible scope of coverage, which is best suited for higher risk situations, or longer coverage periods.
Provides basic coverage, which is best suited for low risk situations.
Liability and Benefits
These plans cover the full expenses of treatment after the co-insurance (one-time) deductible are applied.
The costs of medical treatments and services are pre-determined by the benefit summary.
Provider Network
Plans have a provider network, which offers discounted rates and direct billing.
You can visit any doctor or hospital, regardless of any provider network.
Travel Related Coverage
Can provide benefits such as trip cancellation coverage, baggage loss or delay coverage, etc.
Not covered
Premium Cost
Higher than Schedule of Benefit Plans
Lower than Comprehensive Coverage Plans
Policy Maximum
Greater than Schedule of Benefit Plans
Lower than Comprehensive Coverage Plans
Limitations on Hospital/Doctor Visits
Comprehensive Coverage plans recommend that you stay within your provider network, since they
No limitations on which doctor or hospital you can visit, however plans will cover treatments according to the benefit summary.


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