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Acute Onset Emergency of Pre-Existing Conditions

A sudden and unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing medical condition, which occurs spontaneously and without advance warning, and which would cause a prudent person to seek medical attention. Coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions exists in some plans for persons below a certain age, typically 70 and under. In the event of an acute onset of pre-existing conditions, treatment must be sought within 24 hours. Additionally, such an onset must have occurred after the effective date of the policy. The acute onset of pre-existing condition benefit does not cover conditions which gradually worsen over time. Due to the highly specific nature of pre-existing conditions, the applicability of an acute onset of pre-existing condition benefit is made by a provider's claims department only after a claim has been filed. This is an important feature to include in your policy if you suffer from any preexisting conditions.


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