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The potential to extend a policy for a given period of time. All plans have a specific eligibility criteria to be followed. A minimum day purchase is required and in most cases the number of renewals is limited. Many of our clients utilize policy renewals to spread out the payments on a month to month basis. Eligible renewability plans can be renewed through your G1G customer portal. Prior to purchase, check the renewability details of the plan you select to make sure they meet your needs. Renewable plans include: InterMedical Inbound; Safe Travel USA; Safe Travel International; Atlas America; Inbound Immigrant; Inbound USA; Inbound Guest; all patriot plans; Liaison Majestic International; Liaison Continent; Liaison International (Outbound); Visitor Secure; Visitors Care; Cigna Travel Platinum; Travelex Basic; USAway International Major. The limitations of each are outlined in their respective policy details.


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