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Schedule of Benefit Plans

Schedule of Benefit Plans (also known as Economy Plans) have a more inexpensive premium when compared to Premium Benefit Plans. With an Economy Benefit Plan you can see any doctor or seek care in any hospital. The amount the policy will pay for treatment is pre-determined according to a benefit summary. They offer very little to no trip protection benefits such as baggage loss or trip interruption coverage. They contribute a predetermined amount to a given medical cost; however, any remaining costs fall on you. The benefit summary is scaled to cover the costs of small medical emergencies, but often falls short of covering the entire cost of major surgeries or lengthy hospital stays. The deductible (usually $100) is applied per claim. For example, if you visit the doctor for cold or flu-like symptoms a deductible is required. However, if you visit the doctor again for another unrelated claim then your deductible is due again. While Economy Benefit Plans might not provide you with coverage in all the areas you want, it will save you some up front cost if you are willing to assume additional risk.


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