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Why should I purchase a separate policy for people 70 and older

Age is an important factor in assessing risk for providers, and to them a 70 year old poses significantly more potential risk than a 69 year old. The same is true of a person aged 79 compared to an 80 year old. Providers do take into account factors such as a person's general state of health, the duration of a given trip, etc., in assessing someone's risk, but age remains one of the more important factors. The potential risk associated with people 70 and older, as well as 80 and older, is often reflected in different premium costs and policy maximums across plans for people of those ages.  If you are traveling with a spouse or family member and are looking to purchase a policy to cover the two of you, or if you are shopping for coverage for parents or relatives coming to visit you, and if in either case one person is 69 or under and another 70 or older, consider purchasing individual policies as opposed combining their policies together. This will potentially cut down on costs!


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