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What should I do after purchasing a PPO plan?

Read your policy details carefully - it will explain the procedure for filing a claim and let you know which doctors and services are considered preferred and which are non-preferred. It is always better to go to the preferred providers, as the PPO plan fully covers any expenses. This will also lower the copay for your visit. After you review your policy details, explore your customer portal to familiarize yourself with the provider directory, how to request a correction, how to renew policies, and how to access 24/7 assistance from our staff of skilled customer service representatives. It's also a good idea to peruse the provider directory and select a few physicians in the area to which are traveling. This way, in the event that you should need to seek medical treatment, you won't have to hassle with finding a physician in your network. If you're unclear about any of the details of your PPO plan, give us a call any time!


"Thank you G1G, for an wonderful worry-free experience of buying medical insurance" - Neelima B.

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