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Understanding Frequent Traveler Coverage

If you find yourself traveling regularly for business, or simply have an incurable case of wanderlust, do not over burden yourself by purchasing individual policies for multiple trips. Let G1G provide you with a single policy to cover your travels, and in turn, you will find yourself saving both time and money. Our Frequent Traveler plans offer the same comprehensive protection as any of our other plans and can be custom tailored to your exact travel needs.

How it Works?

You can purchase a Frequent Traveler Plan for a period of 364 days. Within that span, there is no limit to the amount of times you can travel, just that each trip cannot exceed 30 days. Basically, any time you step out of your home country and your domestic health insurance fails to extend it's coverages overseas, we will. This is ideal for those you travel three or more times within a span of one year.

How to Apply?

For more information and to apply for a Frequent Traveler Plan, contact us at 1-800-257-7718. A G1G representative will walk you through all the details. Simply give us a few basic facts about yourself and your trip and we will connect you with the best possible plan.


*All numeric values and coverage stated above are approximations and subject to product specifications. For exact information contact a G1G representative and/or view your specific policy details. Do not ever purchase anything without getting all the facts and details.

"G1G.com is very well designed and allowed me to run simulations for Visitors Insurance coverage. It also provided automatic recommendations for the most comprehensive coverage plans to make the best educated decision." - Faisal Hanif.

g1g travel insurance

"Thank you G1G, for an wonderful worry-free experience of buying medical insurance" - Neelima B.

g1g travel insurance

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