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The G1G Standard

By [email protected] July 7th, 2015

"The G1G standard is our ethos, essence, and unique company culture. It’s what drives us to help you enjoy the journey."

Our Promise

Customer Service

This is what it’s all about at G1G. Our knowledgeable staff has nearly 30 years of experience and is here to guide you through the entire process: from purchasing policies to filing and collecting on claims. We have designed and built a customer portal to allow you 24/7 access to claims forms, nearby doctors and medical facilities, policy details, and emergency assistance numbers. Every G1G employee is well versed in travel and visitor’s insurance and will take the time to thoroughly explain every policy detail until you completely grasp all the information


Product Quality

G1G set an industry standard over a decade ago by requiring all providers to have an A.M. Best rating of no lower than an A. Building on that foundation, we have since elevated our quality assurance to include an analysis of a company's BBB report, customer reviews, claims pay-out ratio, reinsurers credit history, and other benchmarks that assist in connecting you with only the best products in the world. This often means making the decision of not offering products and underwriters that fall below our standards.



We’re worth only as much as we contribute. That means putting forth our best effort as a company to contribute to a positive culture, to build trust with one another, and to deliver products and services that impact our customers in a positive way.


Company Culture

We seek out team members from a broad range of backgrounds. We want our staff to have studied different subjects in college, traveled to different locations around world, grown up speaking different languages. All of this comes together into a unique company culture, one that we strive to cultivate and nurture. We’re all driven to build a tight-knit community internally, but we should also be equally as motivated to reach outward and contribute positively to the global community, if even in a small way.

Many of us still have family in multiple corners of the globe. We understand the desire to explore and see the world as well as the need to connect and come together with friends, family, and loved ones. With this in mind, we have developed our own unique approach to running our company. Our key principles are outlined below.



The spirit that drives Silicon Valley also drives us. We’re constantly inspired by our tech industry neighbors and always looking to innovate and grow using the latest tools and technology. In turn, we translate that into a more streamlined user experience.



We believe in communicating simply and directly. We look to strip always distractions and non-essentials and only focus on what’s important. We aim to build and deliver straightforward products and do so as efficiently as possible. This often means taking a bit more time in the process, but in the end, it’s always worth it.



Our company operates on the principles of honesty and transparency. Everyone on our staff is encouraged to voice their honest opinion and we aim for all of our practices to be completely transparent, from top to bottom. We aim to develop and nurture strong relationships between each other. We believe by embracing honest dialogue between our staff we can build the foundation of a strong company, one based on trust.


Humility & Respect

It all starts and ends with respect. Here at G1G, we are not defined by our job titles, but rather by how we treat one another. We aim to keep our heads down, keep moving forward, work hard, and never rest on our laurels.



Every person at G1G is encouraged to be themselves. We look to comprise our staff of individuals who also identify as musicians, athletes, photographers, and writers. We believe in channeling our individual creativity into what we do. The end result is the many unique aspects of G1G that you see today.


Be a human being

First and foremost this means existing in the world with compassion and empathy. This is what allows us to deliver a quality product, create an extraordinary work environment, and above all, enjoy the journey.


Enjoy the Journey

Be motivated, work hard, but don’t lose track of what’s important – and that’s enjoying the journey. Insurance is serious and what we do is serious as well. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a lighthearted, enthusiastic approach to what we do. The way we look at it, coming into the office shouldn’t be a chore. Everyone is better when they’re enjoying what they’re doing.

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