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Insurance 101

Have an upcoming trip and not sure where to start looking for coverage? We've put all the relevant Travel Insurance facts into one place, including:

  • How much a Travel Insurance policy costs
  • What you should look for in a plan
  • What information you need to have on hand to purchase coverage

We've answered all of these questions and more to get you on your way.

Insurance 101

  • Expecting visiting parents, friends, or family?
  • Coming to the United States for school or on business?
  • Not sure where to start looking for a policy, or what policy is right for you?
  • Have doubts if a Visitor's Insurance policy is even worth it?

We've put together a handy resource to answer all of those questions (and more) and get you on the road to choosing the ideal Visitor's Insurance plan.

There are many Reason to Travel...


The G1G Standard is our core set of principles to which we hold ourselves accountable. It captures our ethos, essence and unique company culture, driving us to help you
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Since 1985

A Guide to Preparing for Your Visiting Parents from Asia

Now that you’ve properly hidden your ‘western’ significant-other and cleaned the apartment (being sure to remove all concert stubs and anything else that might resemble fun), what else is there to do? A lot…but worry not my friend because here at G1G, we will guide you to a painfree visit from your parents, no matter the duration of their stay.

Don't Get Stuck Without Emergency Medical Evacuation

It's a big world out there and we want you to enjoy every bit of it! To do so, it's important to know the risk involved with traveling to remote locations. Moreover, it's imperative to know how to address issues that might arise from visiting these desolate regions. With a trained team supporting you in your travels, you may rest assured that even the worst of situations are manageable.

Why Buy American When Buying Travel Insurance?

Your first inclination when purchasing medical travel insurance for yourself may be to buy from a provider in your country. A couple of thoughts on why we advise against this, and encourage purchasing from a US company like G1G.